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You may have heard that I had my first live cookery demo at the weekend. I’ve done a few smaller ones before but they were more a case of me trying to persuade people to try my wares as they walk past; people seem to think I’m trying to sell something so they tend to steer clear. Or maybe people don’t want to eat cabbage at 9am on a Sunday morning.
This time it was all proper; kitchen, stage, mirrors above the worktop and everything. Fortunately it was inside so I didn’t have to contend with the weather as well as my nerves. I had no idea what to expect and not a clue how it was going to go. There were a few things that I had in mind to say but nothing particular. I had a bit of time to prep and get organised before I started but that went by in a flash.
All That I'm Eating, Caroline Taylor, cookery demo

My demonstration was all about asparagus; three different ways to cook it and three different flavours to complement it. Firstly boiled asparagus with lemon, orange and black pepper butter, secondly griddled asparagus with crème fraîche and chive dip and lastly raw asparagus salad. The boiled asparagus had to sadly be left out of the demo as I was using an induction hob and the pan I had brought to boil in wouldn’t work. Luckily my griddle pan was hob compatible so there were two bunches griddled and one bunch raw. It was remarkable that I managed to get it all ready at the same time, I didn’t leave anything out and it even looked slightly presentable. 

Asparagus demo at Greener Living

I started the demo at 2.30pm and at around 3pm I stopped talking. I don’t really have any recollection of what happened in that half hour, I just remember there was a lot of asparagus. Apparently it went well but for all I know I was talking complete nonsense. I was just pleased I managed to make it through with no burns, no cuts and no tripping over.

I didn’t have any leftovers after everyone had tried the dishes which must mean they were tasty! The raw asparagus left most people surprised and it even managed to convert an asparagus hater. It was really nice to see people enjoying something I’d made. Let’s hope this demo wasn’t just beginners luck, the next one involves a microphone.


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    Congratulation on your success. It really takes a lot of confidence at the beginning to do a cooking demo in front of people outside the kitchen. Great job.

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    Wait! I feel like I missed something…..where did you do this, is this part of your job? A hobby? I watch enough TV cooking show host competition shows to know this must be very hard! I can’t imagine trying to charm an audience AND really cook! I get distracted hosting dinner parties and finishing the meal with guests present! Congrats to you Caroline, that’s a big deal! I’m sure your asparagus was great (I recall these 3 methods from your blog posts!)

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    That’s great!!Congratulations, looks like you did a good job!Its not easy to go out there in front of people without getting distracted or nervous!

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