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Homemade Sloe Gin

Homemade Sloe Gin

Make your own sloe gin with just three ingredients. Pick your sloes and get infusing.
Prep Time 10 mins
Steeping Time 60 d
Total Time 60 d 10 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine British
Servings 1 litre


  • 1.5 or 2 litre sterilised jar or lidded container


  • 1 kg sloes
  • 1 l gin see recipe notes
  • 300 g caster sugar see recipe notes


  • After you've picked the sloes give them a thorough wash and put them into a lidded container. Pop them in the freezer for a few days to split the skins. You can always get yourself a pin and prick each and every sloe a few times before adding the gin if you'd rather not freeze them.
    Whichever way you split the skin it is important in order to let the gin and sloes mingle. 
  • After a few days in the freezer the sloes will be ready.
    Get the sloes out of the container you used; the reason for this is that any additional insects that may have got their way through should be stuck to the bottom or sides of the container. Be somewhat cautious when removing the sloes as one false move could see them flying all over the kitchen and floor. 
    Put the sloes into a container big enough to hold them and the other gin ingredients.
  • Pour in the gin and add the sugar.
    Put the lid on and give it a swirl or a shake every day for about a week until the sugar has dissolved. After this just shake it when you remember. 
  • There is potential for it to be ready to drink in as little as six weeks but I'll leave mine until it starts getting dark at 4pm, the blankets are out and there is true frost on the ground. I can't wait.

For Hedgerow Gin

  • Follow the recipe above but add other hedgerow fruits like blackberries, plums or raspberries or you could add a few rosehips too. You will probably need a little less sugar if you are adding sweeter fruits.
    It's important to taste the gin regularly as sometimes blackberries can turn a bit sour if left to mingle too long. Drain the gin off as soon as you think it's ready.


It's a good idea to use a good quality gin for this. Not something expensive but not something really cheap either. I tend to use whatever is on offer at £15-20 a bottle.
If you like your sloe gin a little sweeter then you can add a little extra sugar. 300g of sugar is about right for how sweet I like it for the sloe gin and 250g of sugar for the hedgerow gin.
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