Homemade Easy Granola

Why bother making your own granola? I mean, the stuff that comes in a nice box all full of stuff can’t really be that different and making your own sounds like such a hassle right? Nope. As it turns out making your own is not only ridiculously easy but it’s so much tastier than anything I’ve tried pre-bought. I find the readymade ones are far too sweet and you spend every morning searching for the elusive hazelnuts you’re pretty sure are meant Read more

Review: Rachel’s Organic Lemon Yoghurt

I find breakfast is sometimes a bit of an inspirational dead end. I might want toast but then if I'm having a sandwich for lunch I think it's too much bread, I like cereal but I begrudge paying the price for a box that lasts less than two weeks, fruit doesn't fill me up enough and I don't have enough time to do anything more involved. I could get up earlier and make something but I'll be honest; I stay asleep until the last possible moment. I always Read more

Dried Blueberry and Almond Cereal Bars

You know when you buy an ingredient to make something and the remainder of it sits in the cupboard waiting to be used? I had a bit of this going on with oats, flaked almonds, seeds, maple syrup and dried blueberries. To use them (or as many of them as I could) up I made some lovely crumbly cereal bars. I wanted to keep the butter to a minimum to try and keep them a little on the healthy side. You will need: 225g oats 100ml maple syrup 150g butter 75g Read more

Cardamom infused Porridge with Raspberries

A weekend breakfast is a completely different thing to a weekday breakfast. I don't know about you but my weekday breakfasts consist of shovelling yoghurt (if I'm lucky I've added some fruit or nuts) into my mouth while running around trying to get ready being very careful not to spill anything on myself. It's not what you would call relaxing. A weekend breakfast is a whole new affair; the possibilities are endless. Pancakes, pastries, fruit, tea, Read more

Lime Macerated Cherries with Caramelised Brioche

Considering how much I like cherries I don’t get the chance to eat very many of them. I have never had much success with a supermarket cherry preferring to take my chances at the farmers’ market where I might be lucky to nab a punnet if I am early enough. The cherries used for this spontaneous dessert were earned by my own fair hand. I was meandering through the market, deliberating how many doughnuts were too many for breakfast, when I was Read more

Spelt and Dark Chocolate Pancakes with Yoghurt and Honey

It’s all just a bit depressing at the moment isn't it? Each time I glance out of the window there is never even a peep of blue sky and hardly any bright daffodils to remind me it is in fact Spring. But no matter. When times get like this there is only one way to improve the situation; to fill your belly with buttery things. Perhaps not the healthiest advice to give, a more svelte person might suggest a nice jog in the park but it wouldn't quite Read more

Double Sausage, Cheese and Egg Muffin

What's your guilty pleasure? I have to confess I very much enjoy a particular sausage, cheese and egg muffin from a well known fast food restaurant. I know, shameful. However I am admitting it now as part of trying to cleanse my system. I liked the idea behind the aforementioned muffin; a sausage and egg sandwich really. In order to still enjoy this behemoth breakfast (without the guilt) I needed to try and make my own version. Not only was I Read more

Quince baked with Honey and Star Anise

Being a rare fruit I would have thought that a quince would be grateful when somebody bought it and allowed that person to enjoy its flavour with ease. For something so elusive it puts up a pretty good battle when you want to get into it. You wouldn't have thought so by looking at it; a curious undulating shape and light brown fuzz all over it looks like a right cutie. The glorious smell entices you in and before you know it you've picked up Read more

Alternative Blueberry Muffins

I'm not sure what has happened. I have turned from overindulging at dinner to starting the day on luxurious breakfasts. I've gone from pies to porridge. I suppose that this is the time of year where it's nice to be able to (even if only sometimes) sit outside and enjoy that first meal of the day. There are plenty of glorious contenders to do this with: Eggs Benedict, a full English, pancakes with maple syrup and simple, but wonderful, toast with butter Read more

Blackcurrant Pancakes

Apparently you should breakfast like a King. Despite not having continuous supply of quail's eggs, truffle bread and gold leaf (I imagine that's what they have to start the day) my weekday breakfasts are never very exciting. It doesn't help that I don't give myself enough time in the mornings to make anything exceptional but at the weekends I try to make a little more effort. Sunday arrived and brought with it a craving for pancakes. I had bought Read more